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2012-03-25 2:51

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Am I Digging up The Lamb?

As you may know, a few years ago I bought an island. Not a Richard Branson style tropical haven, but a small rocky island in Scotland in the Firth of Fourth, near Edinburgh. It's not possible to build on it, the only life that it can sustain is that of a number of nesting sea birds. So there was initially some speculation about why I was buying it.

Photo: bikelove-scotland

The truth was I bought the island because it intrigued me. It is part of a legend which includes, believe it or not, the pyramids of ancient Egypt and the ancient Egyptians themselves, and many other ancient myths and legends.

The island and the other islands nearby and the surrounding area is a hotspot for UFO sightings, so when i discovered pictures of UFO's taken over the island, this in addition to the legends, I just couldn't stop myself.

UFO.jpg (500×381)

UFO above The Lamb


The previous owner had never visited or set foot on the island, and while I know first hand how difficult this island is to get onto, I don't know how anyone could own such an intriguing island and not at least pay a visit. I had planned to stay the night there from the very moment I started to take an interest, the only thing that delayed me is my hectic schedule.

The newspaper stories at the time reported that I was going there to dig for treasure, no doubt the photographs of me about to set off for the Lamb holding a spade that someone had passed to me (perhaps that was one of the photographers, I don't recall) helped to lend weight to the idea that I was there to dig for treasure. However if you ever visit the local area (which you should, it's a lovely part of the world and the Scottish Seabird centre - www.seabird.org - which is situated there, is brilliant) and if the sea is calm enough to take a boat trip around the islands (nearby the Lamb there other larger islands including Bass rock and Craigleith) you will understand why the idea of taking a shovel onto the lamb to dig for anything would not achieve much - it is mainly rocks. I would need to have taken much more equipment than hand tools - dynamite for example may be more appropriate! And I have no intention of upsetting the inhabitants of the island (sea birds) by starting major excavation work.

It's correct that one of the reasons I was there was to use my dowsing abilities to see if there was any truth to the ancient legend in which the exiled Egyptian process Scota who according to the legend founded the Scot's and Gael's, had hidden ancient Egyptian treasures there. But the island is so difficult to land on that just putting items of value onto the island, perhaps strategically placed into some of the deeper crags and crevices, would be just as safe as digging a hole somewhere, due to the difficulty and danger in getting on and off the island. So if they are there it's unlikely that much digging or excavating would actually be required, there would be a lot more pruning and gardening required than excavating... A lot of vegetation has sprouted up on the island within the past few thousand years, including voracious weeds such as tree Mallow, so finding anything placed there just a few weeks ago would be tough enough!

PrincessScota.jpg (327×480)

Princess Scota

Did i find treasure.... YES!

Treasure in the form of a partial confirmation of the connection of the lamb to ancient legends including the Pyramids (perhaps the reason that an Egyptian princess would have had an interest in the Lamb), Robert the Bruce, King Arthur, the Knights Templar - and to other sites of archaeological interest such as Stonehenge, and Rosslyn chapel.

This confirmation came in the identification of a ley line, the rivers of energy which many (including me) believe link the worlds most significant archaeological sites. A later visit to the Rosslyn chapel confirmed that the ley line connects to the chapel, and this was also confirmed to me by one of the guides at the chapel who was already aware of this ley line. For more information on ley lines see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ley_line

I found this ley line by dowsing. This is something I have been able to do for decades, in fact it was Sir Val Duncan the then chairman of Rio Tinto Zinc who first made me realise that I could use my abilities to find just about anything, including coal, oil, diamonds and gold. The president of Mexico granted me Mexican citizenship for helping the national Mexican oil company to find their substantial oil reserves, and I have helped several other companies to locate natural resources - so there is no doubt as far as I am concerned that dowsing is a real ability, and in fact people have been using dowsing for centuries, best known for it's ability to locate water.

I also sensed that there were other items present on the island, but I cannot say what these items are or how it would be possible to find them. Maybe one day I will spend longer there trying to look, but it's so difficult just getting on and off the island, and activity on the island is very limited due to not wanting to disturb the seabirds, so perhaps whatever is there will forever remain a mystery.

So what now of the Lamb? Well, while spending time on the Lamb, I realised that it would be amazing if everyone else could see what I was seeing, including the breath taking views, the unusual lights in the unpolluted sky, and the sea birds (which are prolific there in nesting season) - so operation Lamb Cam is currently in the planning stage, in cooperation with the experts at The Scottish Seabird Centre, who are ensuring that the project will be beneficial to all including visitors to the area, wildlife enthusiasts, UFO watchers (these will be very special cameras which will also be running at night, not just average web cams!) and of course to the birds, as I am hopeful that the cameras will be useful for the various research projects that are continually in operation to ensure the protection of our many species of sea birds.

Finally, here's something for you to ponder - my web master noticed when adding images of the Lamb to the website, a strange face-like image in the moss on the rock behind me - what do you make of it?

urionlamb.jpg (600×530)


Lessons from the Children of Chernobyl


So today, the wonderful people from the children's charity 'The Chernobyl Children's

lifeline' brought some amazing children to my home to teach me some lessons about the

power that human beings possess.


childrenofchernobyl.jpg (600×449)



I often open my home to children's charities, and while often it is thought that I am the one

doing the teaching, the reality is the opposite. The people who run these organisations

who bring the children, are incredible people who selflessly devote themselves to the

welfare of these children - and the children themselves are often truly inspirational.


These kids are living the consequences of something that happened long before their lives

began, they are suffering illnesses and disabilities, in some cases degenerative and

potentially terminal, due an accident with occurred back in 1986 in Ukraine, and what's

more many of these children were born hundreds of miles away from Chernobyl!


We would forgive them would we not, for feeling helpless, angry, cheated? Yet what I

discovered from these children is inner strength, energy, interest, fun, zest for life,

appreciation and enjoying the moment. Just look at the picture, and you will not see a

bunch of people who are wallowing in the negatives, what you see is a happy, lively bunch

of children who are loving every moment of the current experience as it unfolds.


I applaud the people at The Chernobyl Children's lifeline for the work that they do, and if

you would like to find out more and possibly help out by making a donation if you fee

inspired to, please visit http://www.ccll.org.uk



Global warming is real - lets change it!

Something is happening, and happening fast. You must have noticed it? I am talking about weird weather conditions, and an increase in natural disasters, what many experts say is evidence of global warming.

I am a strong believer in the law of attraction, in fact I don't just believe it, I know it - so while I am acknowledging that there is currently something which is happening in our physical reality, I am not saying that it is something we have no control over, in fact I believe that each and every one of us is contributing to the health of our planet, and the more people who are thinking on purpose about mother earth, the better for all of us!

Consider this - trees have been de-composing for millions of years before humans came along, creating masses of carbon, volcanoes have spewed smoke and lava, animals have created methane gas, all this has gone on since the beginning of the earth, do you not then find it strange that such a small space of the has passed in between us having the technology to understand the effects of carbon and other factors in the development of global warming, and the physical manifestations that have followed?

In other words, if the planet could cope with the massive amount of carbon fired into the atmosphere from rotting trees, erupting volcanoes, and the huge amount of gasses that would have been created by the worlds population of dinosaurs and other creatures that populated the earth before humans appeared - then isn't it strange that man has been able to create such damage to the earth in such a short space of time?

My theory is this: We ARE creating global warming, by our thoughts - and given enough time, this situation will result in a massive change in thinking, which will dramatically improve the lives of the planet forever!

In short, right now the majority of humans think in a way which is harmful to the planet, including of course, those in a position to make the biggest changes - political and industrial leaders. One day soon however, it is my strong belief that a revolution will be borne out of this, which leads to a global shift in thinking, in which we all begin to live in greater harmony with mother earth and all of the species of life with whom we share this wonderful planet.

I am not talking about car sharing, cycling to work and solar panels - while this kind of activity is a step in the right direction, it is far from the situation that I see developing. I am talking about a global change in our attitudes towards our planet, our lives (all lives, not just the lives of humans) and a change in priorities which will one day see the entire planet living in harmony.

For example, there is already technology available which when developed further, can replace the need for energy sources which require the continued destruction and extraction of the earths natural resources. There are new forms of electricity being developed such as electro magnetic / perpetual motion energy generation. We already have the ability to survive without the suffering of animals, in fact PETA are putting significant funding into the development of technology to grow meat, so soon we will even be able to eat meat without the death an animal!

When governments and industry are ready to accept the need for change, lead by a shift in thinking by enough of the worlds population, things will start to move, we will see amazing shifts in the world which dramatically reduce the harm that we believe we are doing to our planet, and our physical reality will begin to improve with this new, healthy and harmonious global thinking.



Hate your Job?? Try this experiment.

So you hate your job? Maybe even so much so that you are thinking of walking out? Don't quit, try this 30 day experiment, it may just change your life! By the way this same method can be applied to anything in your life, not just work - I am applying it to work as its something that so many people can relate to, but if there is any part of your life that gets you down at all, try this.

Many people dislike their jobs, and I think it's a great shame. We spend most of our lives working, and I elieve that one of the keys to a happy life is loving what you do, and doing what you love. I wake up most mornings feeling invigorated and looking forward to the day, because I absolutely love what I do.

Whether I'm spending the day designing jewellery for my jewellery range, delivering a motivational lecture for a corporation, appearing on a live TV show (whether it's my own live TV series or one of the other shows on which I'm regularly asked to appear) filming for a TV show or movie (yes I act too, I have been in two movies this year, there is no limit to what we can do, other than our own self belief), writing, or entertaining groups of sick kids at my house - I love doing it all, and none of it feels like 'work'. I believe that everyone can have the same experience most of the time with their 'work' if they follow the instructions I am about to give.

Now if what I have just described has made you feel even stronger that you need to get out of your current job as you think you will never feel like that about your current work, just wait a moment.

The problem is not your current environment, it is your state of mind.

This is what you need to work on changing, once you change this, everything else will follow. Until you change this, you can continually change the places and the faces, but you will constantly get back to the same position of discomfort, until you change your attitude. Changing your attitude is all about changing your dominant thoughts, so that you are using the most powerful law of the universe to your advantage: The law of attraction.

Put simply, everything is vibration, and we attract to us based on what we are putting out into the universe, which we do via vibration. Our emotions are how we can tell where we are resonating due to our dominant thoughts. If we feel fantastic, then we have achieved a high level of vibration and via the law of attraction we draw to ourselves positive experience which matches. When we feel bad, then we have achieved a low vibration due to negative thinking or sloppy thinking, and we draw negative situations into our experience. This is the way of the universe, as far as I am concerned.

You will be able to find evidence of this in your recent life experience. Can you remember recently - maybe even as recently as today, that you felt a certain way and things which match that feeling exactly, just happened, and at the time you didn't make the connection so you did not realise that you had just created that experience with your resonance?

Just go for a drive when you are are angry for example, you will notice that many people do things to keep you feeling that way, people pull out in front of you or cut you up, and you get stuck on red at all he sets of traffic lights you encounter. When you go to an airport in a bad mood, the plane is delayed, the airport staff are useless, no one knows how to push a baggage trolley and the luggage takes forever to come onto the conveyor.

Yet, go for a drive when you feel on top of the world, and people let you out at junctions, parking spaces just appear for you, lights change to green as you approach. Go to take a fight when you are feeling fantastic, and you will notice that the staff are great, everyone is nice, queues move quickly, flights are on time. Just start to be more aware of how your every day experiences match the way you are feeling at the time, and you will become more and more aware of the power of the law of attraction.

So here is the experiment:

For the next 30 days, work on changing your vibration. Which means changing the way you feel, which means changing your dominant thoughts.

If talking in terms of vibration sounds too far out for your current belief system then just call it your outlook, or your mental attitude. It really doesn't matter what you call it, as long as you are improving the way you think, and therefore the way you feel.

Each day when you wake up, immediately look for things to appreciate, and to find the positive side of. Fill your lungs with fresh air, feel the sun on your face, feel the comfort of your pillow, enjoy your fresh coffee and remind yourself how amazing it is that you're enjoying the wonderful aroma and taste of this incredible beverage invented by some utter genius so many years ago, and the fact that it can get from Columbia to your kitchen table with such convenience - just set off with this kind of thinking first thing in the morning, and you will find no shortage of things to be grateful for, or appreciative of.

When you are reading the newspaper and watching the news, just for the next 30 days, avoid the stories which pull you down and make you angry, and focus on the positives, look for the good in everything including the news - its there, and you'll naturally see the positives more and more as your outlook changes. One day you will even start to see the positive sides of the seemingly completely negative!

When you're thinking about going to work, and the people in your environment, focus on positive aspects. Don't wander down the track of thinking about why your boss is your boss and he or she doesn't know what they're doing and so on, instead find the positives in everyone, celebrate the successes of others, realise that those above you in your organisation have been where you are, and that those at the top of organisations such as the founders of companies are those who have had the guts to put everything on the line - appreciate the positives and just for the next 30 days do your very best to not get caught up in the sticky debilitating web of negative thinking.

When it comes to money and all material things, realise that if you live in a home with a roof and running water you're in the upper echelons of the human race! You're truly gifted if you have electricity,  a TV, the Internet, a telephone - there are millions of people in other parts of the world to whom such an existence appears to them complete fantasy!

Don't allow yourself to slip into fear based thinking, no matter how bad you think things are, there is always a solution, absolutely always - and how bad you think it is, in reality it is probably nowhere near, and in fact the only thing in the moment that hurts you is the result of your negative thinking. If you're lay in bed at 2 in the morning worrying about the lack of money, for example, the only way that the lack of money is hurting you is the things you are attracting into your experience for the near future due to your negative thinking. Worrying about something cannot possibly help you to improve that situation, in fact it can only give you more of that same kind of situation - its like rubbing itchy eyes, it will just create more itchiness to rub.

If you find it hard to stop thinking a certain way, find a way to distract yourself instead, play with your children or grand children, spend time with your beloved pet, play a game, meditate, go for a run, watch a movie (fantasy and comedy movies are great to suspend reality for long enough to help you to towards changing your vibration), then after the distraction, go back to finding positive thoughts.

Just aim for a continual and gradual improvement in your state of mind. You will have off moments, off days, but you will also have very very ON moments where you very vividly experience the reality of the law of attraction, things will happen which make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, you will soon come to realise that there is immense power in what you are doing which will truly amaze you, beyond any possible explanation that I or anyone could give you in advance. Once you experience this and you come to realise that you are the master of your own reality by the way you think, you will never see the world n the same way again, and your existence will become transformed. Don't believe me? Try it, starting from..... NOW



Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction.

Just say the words 'positive thinking', and many people lose interest. Most People are naturally drawn towards new techniques, new information, new revelations. The idea of positive thinking to many people seems like a dated concept, especially when compared to buzzing topics like the law of attraction. However, I would like to suggest to you that in fact positive thinking is the missing piece of the puzzle for the majority of people who would otherwise have complete control over the creation of their life as it unfolds.

You are most likely well aware of the power of the law of attraction, even more so now since the success of 'The secret', but consider this: The law of attraction is the dominant law of the universe, it works whether or not you are aware of it - there is something other than the reality of the law of attraction which requires your attention.

Here's a good analogy to explain what I mean, using another law as example, the law of gravity.

The law of gravity is responsible for the fact that you will fall down a hole if you walk into it, yet it is not the law of gravity itself that you need to be alert to, that works whether you are aware of it or not, it is the holes in front of you that you need to be aware of.

When it comes to the law of attraction, it is your thinking that you need to be aware of, negative thoughts are like holes in the road that will send you plummeting -  positive thoughts have the opposite effect, and send you soaring. The only difference between gravity and the law of attraction, is that the effects of gravity are physical immediately and the effects of the law of attraction are vibrational before they manifest into physical reality.

Whatever are the dominant thoughts that you focus upon, or allow yourself to drift to thinking about, these dominant thoughts set your vibration, you vibrate like a tuning fork, attracting situations, people, events and other manifestations which are within the vibrational range of where you are currently, and which has been set by your dominant thinking patterns. If you want to know what you are attracting, just look at what is physically manifesting in your life, if you look around and see debt, stress, and other negative situations, then this is the vibrational range you are transmitting, and the only way to change your external circumstances is to change this vibrational frequency, and you do this by changing your dominant thoughts. In short - positive thinking!

If the sound of the universe being vibrational sounds too far out for you to take as fact, then simply adapt it so that it fits better with your beliefs and background, as long as the result is that you think on purpose instead of allowing yourself to drift along in thought based solely in reaction to what is going on around you, then the results will be the same nonetheless.

The fastest indication of what are your dominant thoughts, are your emotions. How do you feel? If you feel amazing, then your thoughts are serving you well and you are currently creating a positive reality which will amaze you as it unfolds. If on the other hand you feel terrible, then this shows you that your thinking needs to be changed. You may feel inclined to argue that you feel terrible because of external circumstances, and that you will feel good when things change - but this is backwards, and this is the way most people think. It is in fact the other way around. When you are feeling great, this is a result of your dominant thoughts being positive, and the physical manifestations follow every time.

You see, it makes no sense to think and therefore feel and therefore manifest in reaction to what is currently physical, or what is your current reality, as this current reality is simply the effect of your past thinking, change your thinking and you change your reality.

For evidence of this just think back to any situation where things have gone really well in your life, and you will note that the good feeling came before the physical manifestations. Usually it happens so gradually that you don't notice, you start to think positive, you feel good, then something good happens, and you react to that by thinking positively as a result and feeling better, and so the positive spiral continues. Some people are living the lives of their dreams thanks to this process with no idea that this is how it happened! The only problem with achieving everything one dreams of in this way without being aware of how it works, is that the opposite can happen - and this is why some people go to incredible heights and then drop to incredible depths.

Someone living an incredible life and feeling great, who isn't aware of negative thoughts as holes in the road, may start off by indulging a negative thought, and unchecked this can lead to more negative thinking, law of attraction begins to work its magic and before they know it, there is a physical manifestation which matches the new vibration, be it a problem at work, a lost contract, an argument with a friend or loved one or any other negative situation. Reacting to this situation with negative thinking, begins a negative spiral which can result in people falling from great heights. This is why so many seemingly incredibly successful people can fall on difficult times in one way or another.

Why the universe works this way, I cannot fully answer other than to suggest that it is contrast which colours our life's experience. Without the lows, how can we experience the highs? Without dark, there would be no concept of light. What's more, our biggest life lessons often comes from what seem to be at the time, our darkest hours. Think back through your life, and can you not see that you would not be the person you are now without the mistakes, and the hard knocks?

Also, if you believe as I do that we are all eternal souls and that this life is just one part of our eternal journey, then you will agree that it would not make any sense to live lives which are without contrast, and therefore which do not allow for the continual expansion of that which we all really are, spirit, soul, infinite intelligence, universal consciousness.

So, positive thinking is the key. From this moment on, watch how you are thinking. Don't allow anything external to you dictate to you what your thoughts should be, do not drift to negative thinking because of things that are going on around you, make a conscious effort to see the positive side of everything, and once you get into this habit you will note that you feel different, you feel positive - when you start to reach this place, the physical manifestations which will validate for you that you really do create your own reality from thought, will make their appearance into your life.



A Tribute to Robin


A little over a month ago, I asked my website visitors to please pray for the Amazing Robin Gibb and his family, as he had fallen into a coma after contracting pneumonia while fighting hard against cancer. 

Robin surprised everybody who was fearing the worst, by awaking from the coma, showing just how much of a fighter he was! Considering that he had colon and liver cancer, plus pneumonia, and that he'd then fallen into a coma,  to me the fact that he woke from the coma just shows how stong he was fighting to stay with his family, who were constantly at his side willing him to recover.

Unfortunately Robin has passed away, aged just 62. This is a very sad day for music, for music lovers including the millions of people worldwide who bought Bee Gees records (Afterall they sold over two hundred and twenty million records!!), for Robins friends myself included, but mainly for Robin's family, who my thoughts and prayers are with.

But looking at the positive, what an incredible legacy to have left behind! Even younger people who may not know about the Bee Gees, will have listened to their music whether they realise it or not. Artists who have covered their music include the likes of Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Elton John, Lulu, Janice Joplin, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rod Stewart, Nina Simone, Dusty Springfield, Boyzone, Eric Clapton, Destiny's Child and many many more. As well as the Bee Gees tracks which other artists have covered, there are many very successful tracks which they wrote for other artists. To name just a few:  Chain Reaction, Diana Ross; Grease, Frankie Valli; Come on Over, Olivia Newton John; Emotion, Destinies Child;  I Will Be There, Tina Turner; Islands in the Stream, Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton....

So while it's very sad that Robin has passed away - what a life he has lived, and not just with his fantastic musical career which has touched the planet, but with his great family and close friends who have shared many moments which will never be forgotten.

One of the many moments with Robin that I will never forget, is when I called him to ask if there was any possibility he could come to Israel to perform on my Live TV show "The Successor". I didn't realise at the time just how much I was asking, as he said yes without hesitation and he turned up to Tel Aviv to give an outstanding performance of "How Deep is your Love."  I was amazed when I later discovered that he hadn't just put himself out slightly by getting on a plane to come and perform - he had to fly the nine hour flight from Florida to London, and then had to rush to the gate to fly from London to Tel Aviv, as there was just 40 minutes between landing in London and the flight to Tel Aviv in time for his performance. Can you imagine one of your friends being willing to drop everything and put themselves out to this degree to show you some support when you need it? What a fantastic friend Robin was, and I know this is something that all of his family and friends will agree. 

As all my website visitors know, I do not believe that physical passing is the "end". We are not just physical bodies, we are energy and as Einstein discovered with E=MC2, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change forms. So as far as I am concerned, the goodbye we are saying to Robin; just as with the goodbye I have said to many of my friends and family who are no longer with us in the physical, are temporary goobye's, the kind you would say to a friend who is going on a journey - when you know you'll miss them, but you will meet again.

I will end this short tribute with the video of Robin when he amazed the audience of my live TV show, by performing How Deep is Your Love.


Pray for Robin

Please say a prayer for the amazing singer, song writer & musician Robin Gibb and for his family, at this difficult time. 


In Confidence, Sky Arts.

inconfidence.jpg (550×343)

My interview for the TV series "In Confidence" is on tonight (Monday the second of April) at 8 PM (UK) on the Sky Arts channel. Also on Tuesday 03/04 at 3 PM, Thursday 05/04 at 2 PM and Sunday 08/04 at 8:35 AM. If you do not have access to the channel via TV, you can watch live online here: go.sky.com

Here's what Forbes say about the series:

Sky Arts invites some of today’s leading writers, artists, actors, and thinkers into the studio this spring, for the return of …In Confidence – a probing series of extended interviews that set out to discover what motivates and inspires ten of Britain’s most culturally expressive personalities. Michael Winner, David Attenborough, Joan Bakewell, Keith Allen, Uri Geller, John Lydon, John McVicar, Nigel Kennedy, Howard Jacobson and Ann Leslie subject themselves to the unwavering scrutiny of Professor Laurie Taylor.  



Today I am in the Telegraph magazine (page 9-11). I gave an interview to the Telegraph about various aspects of my life and my career, including my first memories of being saved by my teddy bear from a shower of glass from a bullet through a window,  the first time I stumbled across my ability to bend spoons, the way my TV career took off after appearing on the David Dimbleby show, my marriage to Hanna, my hanging upside down, and much more. 

telegraph.jpg (550×495)

By the way, do you like my colourful coat? I picked it up in China when i was visiting Beijing, and guess what, it's reversible  - so I got two coats in one! I didn't just wear this for the interview, I wear it quite often - in fact here's a photo i uploaded to twitter a week or so ago:

alienshavelanded.jpg (550×439)

If you would like to know more about me and my life, watch my interview on "In Confidence" on Monday 2nd April at 8PM, on Sky Arts.



British Airways.

Flying home today, with BA. I fly with BA whenever possible, mainly because I like their cabin crew & all of their staff, I have met many of them over the years, and always find them to be very friendly and helpful. BA also have one of the largest and most modern fleet of aircraft, and one of the very best safety records.

ba-e1333307843391.jpg (550×412)

In fact I remember reading somewhere, that BA have flown over five million successful flights over the past twenty years, without one single fatal event. No wonder many believe that flying is the safest form of travel! 

I have no idea how many spoons I have bent for BA cabin crew, but I imagine that if they were all put together, there might just be enough to turn a boeing 777 into a spoon covered masterpiece to rival my cadillac. 



I'm back in Kiev again today for more filming. I'm a judge again in the tenth season of the hit Ukranian TV show "Battle of Psychics

battlepsychics-e1333305924223.jpg (550×217)

This is my fourth season as a judge, and I'm enjoying taking part in the show, as well as spending time in the beautiful city of Kiev.  Hanna and Shipi's (my wife, and my "manager -in-law") mother, my mother in law, Hava, who died over 20 years ago, was from Kiev, so it's been fantastic to be able to spend so much time here. It really is a beautiful place, and the people are very friendly and welcoming towards me. 

Sunset in Kiev

There are so many fantastic sights here, for more see my article falling in love with Ukraine



Dead Cold on Kindle.

My psychic thriller novel "Dead Cold" has today been made available for Amazon Kindle. 

deadcoldcover-e1332582793826.jpg (220×333)

The way technology has advanced over the last few years is truly amazing. If someone had told you in 1992, twenty years ago, that in 2012 there would be these flat screened handheld devices which are much thinner than a book but can hold thousands of books, and which enable you to purchase ebook versions of books for a fraction of the usual cost of a physical book - you would have probably said "dream on!"

This comes a couple of weeks after  Jonathan Margolis' biography of me "Uri Geller Magician or Mystic" was made available for Kindle, Ipad and Kobo. 

UriGellerMOMMargolis.jpg (300×401)

What's so fantastic about eBook readers, is that it allows people to have their own very personal well stocked library of reading materials, which they can carry with them anywhere, and which they can also use to find new books to add to their library. In the past, only the very rich could have their own library, the majority of people couldn't afford to purchase hundreds of books - ebook readers like Kindle have changed this for ever. 

What a great world to live in, in terms of the availability of information, entertainment & self education, that you can grab a great book for the price of a coffee, store it on your reader, and then when you feel like reading, maybe on a train journey, on holiday, or just to wind down in the evening, for entertainment & relaxation or to increase your knowledge in your chosen field - you can turn on your book reader, and choose from your vast library of books.

I am planning to make as many of my books as possible available to Kindle, Ipad & other readers, so be sure to visit my website again soon to keep up to date. Why not bookmark my website (control & D on a PC, or for MAC click "bookmarks" tab, and select the relevant option)




Bye Bye to Barney.

Our Barney is now in heaven. 

We are all very sad, Barney has been a part of the family for so long, and it's going to be very strange to come home and not be greeted by Barney! It'll be strange not not have him with us on our long walks, and in short, he'll be very sorely missed!

But, I have to remind myself of two things. Firstly all of the great times we enjoyed with Barney.

barney1.jpg (600×450)

And secondly, that I will meet Barney again.

I believe with every fibre of my being, that Einstein was correct - energy cannot be destoyed, it simply changes form. I am sure that Barney is in heaven, that he's happy - and that we'll meet again!

So our wondeful Barney, bye bye for now.


On QVC Today.

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I was on QVC today again, talking about my range of Uri Geller Jewellery. 

Would you believe, I have been designing my range of Jewellery for QVC for over 12 years? I love my QVC show, I love to talk about the jewellery I design, and taking phone calls from people who wear and enjoy my designs.

For over four decades now people have stopped me in the street and asked me to bend a spoon - I don't mind that at all, bending spoons is naturally what people mainly associate with me, after all it's what made me well known. However, it's refreshingly different to be stopped in the street by someone showing me that they are wearing one of my designs - or to tell me that they watched me on QVC and like my designs. I'm a creative person, so to see my creations being enjoyed, is such a great feeling.

By the way, if you keep an eye on my schedule on the right of the page, you will see when I'm on QVC again, I'm back on the 29th May, times to be confirmed. When I'm on, you can watch me on the QVC channel, or live online here - and click here to see my range of jewellery.

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