How I Moved the Football During Euro 96

2014-06-01 10:23

You may remember how I moved the ball from a helicopter to make Gary McAllister miss a penalty during the Euro 96 England Vs Scotland game (I since apologised to Gary).

Ally McCoist recently told The Scotsman how he saw the ball move:

SEVENTEEN years on, Ally McCoist is still smarting over the missed penalty that cost Scotland at Wembley, writes Andrew Smith. The missed kick has been subject to some outlandish theories, notably illusionist Uri Geller’s claim he made the ball move before McAllister struck it. McCoist adds: “Listen, I am telling you right now I was standing next to Gary Neville and that ball moved just the split second before he kicked it. It sounds crazy but I am telling you. It was actually quite a bit. It moves.”

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Here is how I did it. 


Uri Geller challenges Ireland gaffer Martin O’Neill


ugchallenge.jpg (580×329)

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