The Power of Colours

2011-03-07 6:53

Let's free the colours of the mind in this web site experiment!

I want to ignite the power of the rainbow to make the world a brighter, better place.
Maybe it's the legacy of my days as a model in the late Sixties, when tie-dye and psychedelic kaftans were all the rage on the Mediterranean beaches where I did most of my photo shoots.

Or maybe it's because I enjoyed a rush of fame in the Seventies, strutting my stuff in vermillion bell-bottoms and mauve silk shirts on Fifth Avenue. Whatever the reason, I've made it my mission always to wear vibrant, exciting clothes. Hawaiian shirts are a favourite, all lobster pinks and electric blues. I even wore one to a royal garden party!

My children compete to find me the most garish, eye-popping T-shirts when they visit from America. My daughter, Natalie, has a great eye for colour, and she knows the hippest stores in Hollywood, so my wardrobe is full of wacky Californian hues. But my son, Dan, has got that New York sense of humour, and he knows that the wildest designs will always make me laugh.

One of my unusual T shirts.

There's no such thing as a colour clash - it's a myth peddled by fashionistas. The truth is that all the shades of the visible spectrum complement each other, and the more vivid and varied, the more dramatic the effect.
And the effect that matters is all about lifting your spirits. Whenever you wear bright colours, you'll collect compliments and admiring looks, because people will notice you.

That's why peacocks have their fantails, and parrots their plumage. It's natural to make the best of yourself with colour.

Human beings were even programmed to use bright colours before we invented clothes. Primitive tribes still smear their bodies and faces with vivid pastes made from plants and mineral-rich muds, when they celebrate ancient rituals and religious ceremonies.

And when we're happy, or exerting our bodies, or simply in great health, our skin glows. We literally shine with colour. Think about what happens when we're in love... blushing comes naturally, suffusing our faces with a rosy iridescence.

So, for a website experiment - I want all of my  visitors and readers to wear the brightest colours possible. Maybe you've got a gorgeous scarf that you can tie in an unusual way - around your head, or your waist, or your wrist?

Be inventive!

Maybe you'd like to make a head-to-toe statement by picking the loudest, brightest garments from your shoes upwards. That's my favourite method, and sometimes I even make sure my underwear is dangerously dazzling!

But perhaps you like to be more subtle, maybe by wearing a flower in your buttonhole. If that's the case, make sure you treat yourself, not just to a pastel carnation or a white tulip-bud, but to something that shouts out, "I love colour!"

Make it an orange orchid, or a rich red rose. If you wear make-up, choose colours to match... or better still, colours that are completely contradictory! We're all going to shine, and light up the place to the skies