The Next Uri Geller

2011-02-10 4:33

Uri's latest groundbreaking live TV show, The Next Uri Geller, also known as The Successor, has swept throughout the world within the past 5 years, including NBC primetime USA (titled "Phenomenon"), Canada, the whole of Latin America (including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru & Venezuela), Australia, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Sweden and Ukraine. With multiple seasons in many countries, making the series one of the most successful international live TV shows of all time.

  • The highest rated series in Israel TV history!
  • Market share 82% above the nation's average in the Netherlands.
  • Prosebien's highest rated TV show in Germany in one and a half years, Increasing the Primetime slot by 73%!
  • The first live entertainment TV show ever in Russia, and the Netherlands!