Scientific & Paranormal

Several scientific studies have been conducted on Uri's paranormal abilities. The most important of these were the tests conducted in the Stanford Research Institute. You can find the detailed videos and the scientific paper of the SRI experiments here.

Overview and History

History of metal bending since medieval times, overview of scientific studies with possible explanations related to quantum physics. 

Articles and papers in Nature

Three interesting articles on paranormal phenomena and remote perception published in the scientific paper Nature. This includes the report of the Stanford experiment, which yielded quite peculiar results.

Documentary videos on Uri's abilities

Uri appeared in several documentaries about the paranormal throughout the years. You can find excerpts of some of them here.

What Scientists Say About Uri Geller

Uri visited many laboratories around the world and here are some of their comments.

What magicians say about Uri


The Geller After Effect


Scientists Answer Questions About Uri Geller SRI Tests


Uri bends a Spanner at Silverstone racing track

The Power Of Healing

Interesting PK!

Help Pray For Peace!

Learn Mind Over Matter!



Revealing information about Uri's work at Stanford Research Institute (SRI)

The Geller Papers

Scientific Observastions on the Paranormal Powers of Uri Geller

Uri Geller - UFOs, metal-bending and the PSI war

Parlor tricks or Psychic Spy?

Bending Metal Objects

Science and the Supernatural

Reactions to Uri Geller

Psi evolving


The Men Who Stare At Zygotes


Video of Andrija Puharich on Uri Geller

Dr Wernher von Braun & Life After Death


Quantum Teleportation Synchronicity and ESP