Was the Ash Cloud a Sign?

2010-04-27 15:03

When you're in tune with your sixth sense, you are also plugged in to Earth's natural rhythms. Mindpower seems to be directly connected to our planet's energy. And whether you're meditating, dowsing, bending metal or reading minds, it's essential to stay on the global wavelength.

But our planet is ailing. I have been concerned about conservation since the Seventies, and one of the reasons I became a vegetarian was because of my heartfelt conviction that humans need to care for all the animals on Earth, whether they're in a farmyard or a jungle.

This week, as I boarded a plane for the first time since the ash clouds created by the volcano eruption in Iceland, I wondered if this eruption & the huge ash clouds that have filled our sky & caused such unprecedented disruption to flights, could be a message from mother earth, huge smoke signals bellowed up from the centre of the earth, trying to give us a message that we need to really pay attention to the things we take for granted, things that we may soon lose for ever due to ignorance.

It's incredible if you consider it - we lose the use of air transport for a week or two, and there is uproar, everyone is aware of it - yet are we all aware that we have been losing an area of virgin rainforest the same size as Tokyo, every single day, for many years - and in turn many species of animals are on the brink of disaster?

The fast destruction of the beautiful rainforests is undoubtedly having a real impact on climate change, in combination with many other factors of course. 

The ecological movement has never faced a tougher challenge. According to scientists at the emergency summit of 80 nations in Copenhagen earlier this year, climate change has reached a critical point. 

As the Arctic icecap melts, threatening to release billions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere and flood vast areas, experts fear global catastrophe - whole nations drowned or turned to deserts, and their inhabitants left as homeless refugees. It's a terrifying prospect.

My friend Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless efforts to alert the world to this crisis. I first met Al in the late Eighties, when he was one of the key figures in the nuclear disarmament talks between the US and Russia.

At that time, he was marked by everyone who knew him as a potential president. Of course, he became Bill Clinton's second-in-command, but never held ultimate office himself - but I believe the work he is doing now to combat global warming is even more important.

I am sure that all my readers are doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprints - recycling, cutting back on travel, reining back on energy use, eliminating waste. But there's something just as valuable that we can all do: switch on our minds.

I want everyone reading this, to focus all their mental energies on cooling the planet. To maximise the effect, I want everyone to use the same visualisation. Imagine you are in space, and our world is so far away that it appears no bigger than a tennis ball.

The world is glowing. As you watch it, the green and blue patterns are becoming suffused with red, and the clouds are steaming and evaporating.

You have the power in your fingertips to reduce Earth's temperature. Reach out your hands and cup the planet. Now breathe out slowly. As you do so, the world will mist over, and the mist will freeze lightly, like frost on a windowpane.

After a few moments, the frost will melt away. Take another breath, and let it out slowly. Watch the mist cool over the whole planet. You are bringing its temperature down, and the whole of the Earth - its animals, its crops, its seas, its people - is grateful to you.

Breathe your cooling energy over the Earth eleven times. I want all of us to do this every day this month. It's a wonderful, calming meditation and it imparts crucial mindpower aid to the only home humanity has got.