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Uri Geller is one of the world's most investigated and celebrated mystifiers. Famous around the globe for his mind-bending abilities, he has led a unique life shrouded in debate, controversy and mystery.

Uri's short biography

A short summary of Uri's life story.

Uri's full biography

Uri's life history, his experiences with the paranormal and scientific, and his effect on the world media.

Picture gallery

Pictures of Uri's life and his family, publicity pictures and the Geller Effect.


Throughout the years, several documentaries have been produced about Uri, or mentioning him. We collected some of these that are available for online viewing.

Uri's charity work

Uri supports hundreds of charities throughout the globe. Here's a list of his donations since 2004.

Uri Geller and The Red Cross

Uri's Red Cross negotiations with the Palestinians and Syrians

Mind Over Missile?


Wall Street Journal : Uri Geller's Mind-Bender


Legal Issues

Let Me Try To Help You! Click here

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Music inspired by Uri Click here


Another Band Sings About Uri: Uri Geller by Captain Mantell


Uri in DAREDEVIL comic Click here


See all of Uri's art creations throughout his life Click here

A mixture of columns and articles by and about Uri Click here


Motivator Ian Rowland is inspired by Uri to create a life-changing inspirational lecture called "Mind Twists", and has offered it as a free download to all uri-geller.com visitors. Click here


Uri's tour Click here


Uri's timeline

Uri Geller - UFOs, metal-bending and the PSI War.

Uri's Island The Lamb


Uri interviewed on "The Unexplained by Howard Hughes"


Sting and the Scorpion Tail


Uri's tribute to Michael Jackson